Safety Relays

Safety relays are used for the signal evaluation of safety switches, emergency stop control devices and electro-sensitive safety devices. By monitoring the input signals, the safety function can be realized compliant to the standard (EN ISO 13849-1, EN 62061). Safety relays also allow for the potential-free separating of machines. The products are intended for installation in control cabinets.

Wenglor safety relays cover standard applications and impress with their uncomplicated, adjustable evaluation units. The range includes basic modules (stop category 0 and 1) and an expansion module for the duplication of output contacts. Safety relays can be started automatically or with supervision. If necessary, cross-wire monitoring can be activated.

The basic modules process various input signals (such as emergency stop, safety switches, safety light curtains). The same safety relay is therefore suitable for different applications. All safety relays are only 22.5mm wide and are mounted quickly to a standard DIN rail using pluggable screw clamps.

The two-channel structure of all safety relays enables security functions up to category 4 and performance level e (EN ISO 13849-1) and SIL 3 (EN 62061).

Application examples:

  • Potential-free separating of circuits
  • Monitoring of emergency stop buttons and safety switches
  • Monitoring of safety light curtains and safety light arrays
  • Contact duplication
  • Safe shutdown with stop category 0 and 1
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