Series 2700 - Inner height 35mm, Inner widths 50-175mm, e-chain, "half" e-tube, e-tube

1. Optimised opening system for fast opening of the crossbars, either from the left or right
2. Double stop-dog system for large unsupported length
3. High holding force of the brackets
4. Lateral sliding surfaces for side-mounted operation
5. Proven fixed mounting bracket
6. Strain relief can be integrated in the mounting bracket
7. Semi-closed e-tube Series 2650
8. Series 2600 and 2650 openable along the inner radius
9. Closed e-tube Series 2680
10. Diverse modular interior separations
11. Easy assembly due to optimised pins
12. Also available as ESD version
13. Strain relief tooth - separator with integrated strain relief
Series 2700 available in the ESD product range
 Series 2700 ESD

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