• Hose-free clamping system for console tables from SCM / Morbidelli, fully compatible with the original equipment
  • The Adapter-Plates are positioned directly onto the vacuum supply on the consoles
  • Equipping the ISAP-S with up to four additional Mono-Bases and suction cups
  • Particularly suitable for narrow and curved workpieces with small suction surfaces and delicate molds
  • Connectible spacer rings allow for various working heights
  • TV system from SCM = S1 system from Schmalz (width of the console 72.5 mm)
  • TVN System from SCM = S4 System from Schmalz (width of the console 109 mm)

Product Highlights:

  • Ideal for narrow and curved workpieces, as plates and suction cups can be flexibly combined
  • Freely positionable suction cups and Mono-Bases allow almost any clamping layout
  • Mixed operation with standard vacuum blocks possible for even more flexibility and short set-up times
  • Accessories and spare parts can be replaced quickly, easily and cost-effectively without tools
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