Harnessed Cables

Elevate your industrial operations with chainflex® Harnessed Drive Cables, meticulously assembled to meet the standards of leading drive technology suppliers. These cables offer reliability and durability even in the most demanding applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Wide Supplier Compatibility: Meeting industry standards, these cables seamlessly integrate with systems from major drive technology suppliers.
  • Tested for Durability: Undergone extensive testing in e-chains for many million cycles, these cables guarantee exceptional durability and reliability.
  • Versatile Cable Types: Choose from servo cables, signal cables, and feeder cables, each designed for specific functions within your drive system.
  • High-Stress Design: Crafted for high-stress environments, these cables maintain performance under demanding operational conditions.
  • Flame-Retardant and Oil-Resistant: These cables are available with flame-retardant and oil-resistant properties, ensuring safety and longevity in harsh industrial settings.
  • Hydrolysis-Resistant Data Cables: The data cables are hydrolysis-resistant and oil-resistant, making them ideal for high-speed and high-acceleration applications.
  • Shielding Options: Offering both shielded and unshielded varieties, these cables provide flexibility in addressing electromagnetic interference needs.
  • Customisable Combinations: Tailor your cable selection to meet unique requirements, combining different properties for a solution that fits your specific operational needs.

Harnessed Cables Product Range

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