Bus Cables

Unlock superior networking solutions in industrial environments with chainflex® Bus Cables. Designed to cater to a multitude of industrial bus systems, including Profibus, Interbus, Profinet, Ethernet, CAN-Bus, DeviceNet, ASi, and CC-Link, these cables are the ideal choice for ensuring seamless data transmission across various platforms.

Features and Benefits

  • Wide Compatibility: chainflex® bus cables are compatible with many industrial bus systems, ensuring versatile applications across different network protocols.
  • Torsion and Flexibility: Specifically engineered for torsion applications, chainflex®  cables are perfect for environments where cables undergo constant twisting and bending, maintaining integrity even in narrow bending radii.
  • Extreme Environmental Resistance: Designed to withstand severe climatic conditions, chainflex® cables ensure reliable performance in extreme temperatures and environments.
  • Long Travel Distances at High Speeds: Ideal for applications involving long travel distances, high speeds, and accelerations, ensuring uninterrupted data flow and reduced maintenance.
  • Durable Jacket Materials: Choose from a variety of jacket materials including PVC, iguPUR, PUR, or TPE, each offering robust protection and longevity under different conditions.
  • Tested Reliability: Undergone rigorous testing by igus®, with millions of cycles in e-chains®, chainflex® bus cables are proven to withstand demanding industrial applications with 36 month guarantee against failure.
  • Optimised Bending Radii: With bending radii up to 7.5xd, these cables offer superior flexibility and ease of installation in tight spaces.
  • High-Speed Data Transmission: Engineered for efficient and rapid data transfer, making chainflex® an excellent choice for modern industrial networks.

Bus Cables Product Range

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