• Basic Holding Fixture BHF for use with CNC laser and milling processes in the woodworking, metal, plastics and fiber composite industry
  • Manual processing and finishing of components, for example during sawing, drilling or sanding processes
  • System consisting of various suction cups and the Schmalz Uni-Base as interface to the machine table and for setting the degrees of freedom
  • Use on flat tables or other machine table types in combination with the Schmalz Steel-Plate
  • Flexible manual adjustment of stroke and swivel angle
  • High degree of freedom on every axis and easy to adjust

Product Highlights:

  • Any workpiece contour possible, as the height and angle of the Uni-Base is freely adjustable
  • Can be used with other clamping devices from Schmalz through use on Innospann Steel-Plate
  • Various suction cups allow optimal adaptation to the workpiece and the surrounding process
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