Rod End Bearings with Male Thread

igubal® rod ends can also be used in rough environments. They are corrosion-resistant in humid environments and resistant to weak acids and media. Depending on the version (HT) the operation temperature is from –40°C to +200°C. Rod ends are also resistant to dirt and dust, they are also available as detectable version.

When to use it?

  • If you want to save weight
  • For rotating, oscillating and linear movements
  • If high-frequency oscillations/vibrations occur
  • If silent operation is required
  • If you need an electrically insulating part
  • If corrosion resistance is required
  • In combination with pneumatic cylinders and
    gas struts
  • If chemical resistance is required
  • If high rigidity is required
  • If they should be detectable

When not to use it?

  • When temperatures are higher than +80°C
    HT version, page 760–761
  • When rotation speeds higher than 0.5m/s are
  • When really high tensile and axial forces
  • With a hydraulic cylinder
  • When dimensions above 30mm are required
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