• Handling set ready for connection based on a compact flow gripper
  • Includes the flow gripper SCG-HSS next to a mounting set, pressure-reduction valve and screw in push fittings
  • Handling of dimensionally stable workpieces with highly structured surfaces such as assembled printed circuit boards
  • Reliable and gentle handling with minimum surface pressure even for workpieces with openings and low degree of occupancy
  • Protection against uncontrolled electrostatic discharge of sensitive components through ESD compliant design
Product Highlights
  • Handling set ready-to-connect for easy installation and commissioning
  • Very good sealing on strongly structured surfaces due to flexibly adjustable pin curtain
  • High suction capacity with minimum air consumption for low operating costs
  • Protection of sensitive workpieces by controlled discharge of electrostatic charges
  • Highest process reliability at high throughput due to handling true to position and layer
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