Vision Sensor

Vision SensorsAt Treotham, we take pride in bringing our customers closer to world class industrial automation products and systems. By creating partnerships with renowned international suppliers, we deliver fast and affordable services to any industry regardless of how simple or complex your application needs may be.

Governed by a rigorous supply chain system, our multiple warehouses in Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Sydney ensures that your products are delivered in the most efficient and cost effective way possible.

Functionality of Our Vision Sensors

Wenglor machine vision sensors are ideal for use in application that require fast and accurate image processing in a compact housing. With built in autofocus technology, the sensor allows easy integration to existing machinery applications.

It contains a range of versatile functions, such as:

  • Pixel comparison

  • Presence check

  • Shape analysis

  • Reference image comparison

  • Colour analysis

  • Function linking

Learn More About the Types of Vision Sensors

Get in touch to speak to a trained engineer and learn more about our range of vision sensors. We have many different products to choose from and can help identify the right sensor for your needs.

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