Spherical Taper Roller Bearings

Treotham Automation stock spherical roller bearings including igubal® spherical bearings. In this article you’ll find out more about spherical roller bearings and the benefits of using spherical roller solutions for your applications.  

We have been providing component and product solutions for the industrial automation sector for over 25 years.

We have a team of qualified experts on hand that can help determine the most appropriate spherical roller solution for you. We can also tailor solutions specific to your requirements through our fully equipped workshop staffed by qualified engineers. 

Learn more about spherical roller bearing types and specifications below.

What is a Spherical Roller Bearing
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A spherical roller bearing is a bearing with a rolling element that allows rotation with low friction and angular misalignment. Our range of igubal® spherical roller bearings are self-aligning components made entirely of high-performance plastics. 

Other features of the igubal® spherical roller bearings include:

  • Easy to mount and adapts to all angular ranges
  • Capable of dry running 
  • Very good vibration damping
  • Insensitive to dirt, liquids and chemicals 
  • Fully corrosion-proof
  • Very light, compact and economical bearing elements 
  • Dimensionally interchangeable with recirculating ball guides and ball bushings

More information can be found here on the benefits of using plastic spherical bearings.

igubal® pressfit spherical bearings are lightweight, cost effective and robust.

They are ideal for high axial and radial loads, where reduced installation space is a factor, when chemical resistance or dirt-resistant bearings are required, for adjusting misalignment or if you need splitting components.

Diverse applications are made possible because the spherical roller bearings are easy to install and can be used anywhere.

Assembly is simplified because of the self-aligning feature. 
igus spherical bearing

What is a Spherical Taper Roller Bearing?

A spherical tapered roller bearing has tapered rollers with the inner and outer ring raceways being segments of cones.

This allows it to support both axial and radial forces. With the linear contact patch made possible, this type of bearing can carry greater loads than a spherical roller bearing (which has point contact). 

To compare the spherical roller bearing with other types of bearings (e.g. polymer plain bearings and linear slide bearings) download igus’ bearing brochure which gives an overview of all bearing types. 

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