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Wittenstien’s range of servo actuators are designed to be more productive, efficient and precise than other alternatives.TPM+ TPMA

In this article learn more about the benefits and features of the Wittenstien servo hydraulic actuators, supplied by us, Treotham New Zealand
throughout New Zealand. 

We have been supplying high quality products and components based on the latest technology to the industrial automation sector for over 25 years.

Our Auckland based warehouse (governed by a rigorous supply chain management system) ensures we can deliver your order quickly (stocked items are often available for next-day delivery).

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Wittenstien’s servo motor actuators have very high dynamic performance, are easily integrated into machines and come in a very compact yet functional design. The following servo hydraulic actuators are included in our range:

TPM+/TPMAServo Motor Actuator Range

The most notable features of the TPM+ product range are the compact design (the servo motors and gearheads merge seamlessly into a single versatile unit), high power density and maximum precision delivered through planetary gearheads that offer minimal backlash while achieving a high degree of torsional and tilting rigidity. Silent operation is also guaranteed because of the smooth-running helical teeth and it has low sensitivity to dirt. The TPMA is a state-of-the-art classic model. It has straight teeth, high torque & compact dimensions and is used primarily in applications where extremely good control characteristics are required. 

View TPM+/TPMA Technical specifications

RPM+ Servo Hydraulic Actuators Rangeservo actuator

The RPM+ servo hydraulic actuator is extremely dynamic yet compact. It is ideal for high performance linear systems with a pinion and rack. It offers effective length savings, guarantees extra performance through the integrated motor and unprecedented power density. The new high performance linear system with RPM+ servo motor actuator delivers the following substantial benefits compared to the industry standard:

  • 150% more feeding forces 
  • 100% higher power density 
  • 50% higher system rigidity
  • 50% lower mounting effort
  • 15% more accurate positioning
  • 40% less mounting space required

For more in-depth information on the technical specifications view the RPM+ servo actuator pdf.

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