Safety Interlock

Safety interlocks prevent a machine from operating via a stop command when a risk has been detected to protect equipment and personnel so are an integral part of a safe, smooth-running system.

Below we list the safety interlock systems available to our Australia based customers.

Treotham Automation has been in operation for over 25 years and is a leader in the supply of industrial automation products and components.

We are the exclusive distributor of many international product lines and with multiple warehouses based in Australia, we can bring high-quality products from around the globe to our customers efficiently and interlock systems

Safety interlock switches in our range include:

Safety Interlock System Range

Interlocking devices without guard locking that prevents safety guards from being opened in the event of a dangerous machine movement.

If a safety guard is opened during a dangerous movement, a stop command is triggered. 

Interlocking devices without guard locking, the NM series complies with EN-60947-5-1 and Annex K regulations and also the requirements of the employers’ liability insurance associations for machines, installations and personnel protection. 

These safety hinges monitor movable safety guards (e.g. doors or covers on machinery) and are designed to interlock the movable safety guards without guard locking.

They ensure dangerous work can only be performed when the safety guard is closed. Starting commands that cause hazardous environments can only be activated when the safety guard is in the protective position. 

The NZ safety interlock circuit series is designed to control systems that perform safety functions and prevent dangerous machine movements from happening when the safety guard is open.

They are positively driven auxiliary power switches and comply with IEC 60947-5-1 / EN 60947-5-1 and Annex K requirements. 

These switches are used to initiate switching and control operations. They are an encapsulated safety interlock system with a separate actuator. 

Our range of safety interlock systems is available in a variety of configurations. These include safety interlock circuits with integrated and separate actuators, with and without door locking.

Our Safety interlock circuits are also available in metal or plastic housings, making them easy to integrate into existing machinery or application workflows.  

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