Non Contact Safety Switch

Treotham Automation supply a range of world class, innovative non contact switches -  ensuring the highest level of safety when it comes to protecting your people, processes and property. Our expert team of experienced engineers will assist you in determining the most appropriate non contact safety switch solution. 

We can also customise solutions utilising our fully equipped workshop facility as required. Our range includes non contact safety switches from Wieland, a pioneering, world market leading manufacturer. 

Our Range of Safety SwitchesRF Safety Switch

Non contact safety switches

The non-contact safety switches from Wieland’s STS series are used for monitoring the position of machine parts, the position of doors and switches of isolating protective devices. The Non-contact safety switch with coding has 3 different coding variations, which allows diverse and easy installation - it can be used universally on removable, rotatable, or sideways-moving protective devices.

Non contact magnetic safety switches

Non contact magnetic safety switches are used for the contact-less monitoring of protective doors and the detection of safe position. They are equipped with integrated manipulation protection and can be used up to IP67.

Non contact RF safety switches

These switches are the smallest, coded non contact safety switch.

Integrated evaluation enables applications up to PL e of EN ISO 13849-1 or Cat. 4 of AS4024.2006 with just one switch, saving the additional evaluation device. 

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