Linear Bearings

Treotham New Zealand partners with global suppliers to bring high quality industrial automation components to our customers across New Zealand. By having a local warehouse in Auckland, we can provide localised knowledge to our customer base through factory trained engineers.

All our warehouses are connected via a rigorous supply chain, ensuring products are delivered in a reliable and timely manner. Most in stock products are available for next day delivery, and other products can be ordered in via our weekly air-freight from suppliers in Europe.

Linear Bearing Systems for Industrial Automation Linear Bearings

  • Linear bearing slide rail table – offer cost effective, flexible solutions for a range of adjustment using a trapezoidal leadscrew. With the option to have corrosion resistance, these linear slide tables are robust and can take high static loads that make it ideal for a range of industries.
  • Easytube linear bearing guide rail – feature a completely lubrication free design and is made of very few components. Easytube is cost effective, low weight and contain a space saving footprint and is suitable for use in environments up to 80oC.
  • XY linear bearing rail slide table – built using a single piece carriage, DryLin XY tables feature a high precision, accurate alignment and extreme stiffness and is lubrication free and corrosion resistant.

Talk to Us About Linear Bearing Systems

Speak to our team of factory trained engineers for an obligation free consultation. With many linear bearing systems available in our catalogue, we can help you find the right model for your specific industrial application.

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