igus Drylin Bearings

The igus Drylin bearings including igus drylin E, igus drylin T, igus drylin W and igus drylin N glide rather than roll, operating on glide pads.

They are ideal for applications where there is exposure to grease and oil because they are designed to dry run, which means dust doesn’t cling to surfaces.

In this article we highlight the features & benefits of the igus drylin E, igus drylin T, igus drylin W and igus drylin N bearing ranges to assist you in determining the best solution for your application. 

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We are the exclusive distributor for many international product lines and have an Auckland based warehouse that enables us to supply a wide range of high-quality products efficiently to our NZ based customers. 

Find out more about these bearings below. 

Features & Benefits of igus drylin EDrylin E resized

igus drylin E features & benefits: 

  • Lubricant-free linear modules 
  • Clean operation, insensitive to dirt
  • Toothed belts, rack drives, trapezoidal / high helix threads
  • Large range of accessories 
  • Cost-effective
  • igus drylin E is configurable online
  • Ready to use system with a NEMA motor flange and coupling 
  • Compact design, low weight with high stability 
  • Optional adjustable linear bearings and a clearance-free preloaded carriage available
  • Screw leads of 2mm, 3mm, 12mm or 50mm per revolution available
  • Available integrated into many of the drylin range of linear slide tables

Download the igus drylin E pdf for detailed technical specifications. 

Features & Benefits of igus drylin T

igus drylin T features and benefits include: 

  • Corrosion and wear-resistant 
  • Low friction & lightweight 
  • Low vibration and extremely quiet operation
  • 100% lubrication-free
  • Automatic clearance adjustment
  • High static load capacity
  • Service life up to 50,000 km without lubrication 
  • High insensitivity to dirt
  • Dimension is identical to standard commercial ball guide systems
  • Can be used in almost all industries
  • Standard, heavy-duty and miniature options

Download the igus drylin T pdf for detailed technical specifications 

Features & Benefits of igus drylin Wdrylin W exchange bearings img

igus drylin W features and benefits: 

  • igus drylin W is a cost-effective, fully assembled system 
  • Large and complex modular system with 14 different profiles and more than 50 carriage options
  • Easy to install
  • Lubrication & maintenance-free
  • Low wear & friction
  • Different carriage lengths available Different rail widths available
  • Low installation height 
  • Corrosion, dirt and dust resistant
  • Space-saving and compact 
  • Lightweight, low noise and dry-running
  • Angular rail with floating bearing function for diagonal assembly
  • VA stainless steel version (optional)
  • Mounting plates, complete and mono carriages clear anodized
  • Liners made of high-performance polymer (iglidur® J, J200 oder X)
  • Bearing housing in chrome-plated zinc 
  • Hard-anodized aluminium rail

Download the igus drylin W pdf for detailed technical specifications.

Features & Benefits of igus drylin Ndrylin W carbon

igus drylin N features & benefits:

  • igus drylin N is lightweight, lubrication and maintenance-free 
  • Quiet operation
  • Corrosion-resistant and dry running
  • Clear anodized aluminium rails and Solid plastic carriage made of high-performance polymer iglidur® J 
  • Variety of guide carriages available
  • Extremely low profiles extruded from aluminium in several widths
  • Small mounting height between 6 – 12mm 
  • Available in 4 sizes, 17, 27, 40 and 80mm.
  • Replaceable polymer sliding pads
  • High speed and acceleration possible 
  • Low wear at a low coefficient of friction 
  • Rails in silver or black anodized

Download the igus drylin N pdf for detailed technical specifications.

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