Foot Pedal Switch

In this article, we list the foot pedal switches we supply throughout Australia via our locally based warehouses. Our warehouses based in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth stock over 1000 products and are connected by a strong supply chain solution that ensures you receive your products in a timely manner. 

Treotham Automation is an exclusive distributor for many industrial automation product lines in Australia.foot pedal switch

Through established partnerships with globally renowned suppliers, we bring our Australian customers closer to a wide range of high-quality components at competitive prices.

Find out about the foot power switches we stock below. 

Our Range of Industrial Foot Pedal Switches

A foot power switch is ideal for machine safety purposes in applications such as initiating a machine cycle or press guarding.

We stock two industrial foot pedal switches suitable for a variety of applications – a two pedal foot pedal push switch and a single pedal safety foot pedal switch:

Find a Foot Pedal Push Switch for Your Application

Contact us to arrange an obligation free consultation with one of our foot pedal push switch experts. With trained engineers available on hand, we can help you choose the right safety foot pedal switch for your application.

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