Fiber Optic Glass Cables

In this article, find out about the benefits of using fiber optic cables made of glass as an alternative to other cable options. 

Treotham Automation is a leading supplier of products and components to industrial markets. We have multiple Australian based warehouses which means our customers receive orders quickly. We also have a team of factory trained engineers who can tailor solutions to specific requirements in our fully equipped workshop. 

Below we list our range of fiber optic glass cables we supply to the Australian industrial automation sector. 

Fiber OpticGlass CableRange

Chainflex® glass fiber optic cables, ideal for use in energy chains provide much greater data safety than other cable alternatives.

They are also very effective in preventing EMC issues that are common, in particularly for plant manufacturers and operators. EMC issues often caused by insufficient or unreliable shielding, however glass optical fiber cable does not require a braided shielding and is insensitive to EMC. 

We offer the complete range of Chainflex fiber optic cables made of glass including:


  • Graded index glass fiber optical cable for flexible applications
  • PVC outer jacket
  • Flame retardant


  • Graded index glass fiber optic cable for heaviest duty applicationschainflex
  • FOC with offshore approval
  • Properties and approvals
  • PUR outer jacket
  • Metal-free
  • Oil-resistant
  • Low-temperature-flexible
  • PVC and halogen-free
  • UV resistant


  • Graded index glass optical fiber cable for heaviest duty applications
  • TPE outer jacket
  • Metal-free
  • Oil-resistant, bio-oil-resistant
  • Low-temperature-flexiblecable
  • PVC and halogen-free
  • UV-resistant


  • Glass optical fiber cable for heaviest duty applications   
  • Bend radius is reduced by 33%!
  • TPE outer jacket
  • Oil-resistant, bio-oil-resistant
  • PVC and halogen-free
  • Low-temperature-flexible
  • Hydrolysis and microbe-resistant

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