Emergency Stop Button Switch

Treotham have been supplying Australian industrial markets with quality components and services since 1990. Exclusively distributing many international product lines, you can rely on our local knowledge & experience in industrial applications. We have a range of emergency stop buttons to avert hazards for personnel & avoid damage to machinery.

Quick-Acting Emergency Stop

Emergency Stop

Equipped with a red stop button and yellow base, the estop is intended to provide safety functions such as operating safety switches on doors to cause a hazard to be shut down. Our new SNH series have a modular design & a special failure protection feature to meet emergency stop button Australian standards.

As a must for many machines and industrial systems, an emergency stop switch can stop a dangerous motion and bring the machine into a safe position. Used in elevators and packaging systems, our SNH series of emergency push buttons are available as built-in or surface-mounted versions. As such, these e stop buttons can be integrated in an operator panel or mounted to a machine with surface-mounted housing.

Installation Options

With a standardised installation diameter of 22mm, the SNH series of emergency stop push buttons provide various wiring options as closed or open contacts. However, all emergency stop buttons are contacted using detachable screw connection terminals.

Avoid accidental operation with variations such as LED lighting or button blocking protection sleeves. For more information on an e stop switch, download our Safety Products information sheet.

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