Crane Cable

Located across Australia & New Zealand, Treotham are an exclusive distributor of many international product lines for industrial markets, including OLFLEX crane cables. With teams of technical engineers and expert service staff, we can develop custom solutions for your industrial applications.

Types of Crane Cables

Our range of flexible crane cables includes:

Crane Cables - OeLFLEX LIFT F
Crane Cables - OeLFLEX CRANE F
Crane Cables - OeLFLEX CRANE CF
Crane Cables - OLFLEX CRANE 2ST
  •  ÖLFLEX® CRANE 2ST - a PVC control cable with steel supporting elements or moving control panels and consoles
Crane Cables - OeLFLEX CRANE PUR

For more information about each crane cable, order a free catalogue online (select flexible cables).

Find Out More

Learn more about which crane cable is most suitable for your industrial application by talking to the experts at your local Treotham.

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