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Treotham are the exclusive supplier of many international product lines for the automation industry. Our experienced staff ensure quality solutions for every customer.

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Ethernet Cables

Cat6 Ethernet Cable Cat5 Ethernet Cable Cat6 Cables
Industrial Ethernet Cable

Power Cables

Power Cable Types Flat Power Cable

Chain Cables

Cable Chain Carrier Types Cable Drag Chain Chainfix
What is an Energy Chain? Cable Tracker & Carriers Ready Chain
Flexible Cable Track Cable Track Carrier Energy Chain

Flexible Cables

Flexible Cable Flex Cable H07 RN-F Cables
Single Core Flexible Cable Curly Cord Cable PMAFLEX
Spiral Cable Figure 8 Cable Divisible Conduit
Flexible Ribbon Cables Crane Cable Instrumentation Control Cables


Cable Conduit Flexible Conduits What Is A Conduit?
Elgo Controller & Encoder Plastic Conduit Fittings What Does A Conduit Do?
Conduits Silvyn Tools Plastic Conduits and Fittings
Cable Protection Conduit Systems Electrical Conduit Types Of Conduits

Olflex Cables

Olflex Cable Olflex Classic 110 Control Cable Lapp Skintop Cable Glands
Screened Motor Cable Instrumentation Cables

High Temperature Cables

High Temperature Silicon Cable Temperature Cables High Temperature Electrical Wire
High Temperature Wires High Temperature Cables High Temperature Electrical Wire Insulation

Other Cables

Data Cable Types Electrical Cable Suppliers H07RN Cable
Unitronic Bus Treotham Cables What is a PVC Cable?
Halogen Free Cable Control Cable Suppliers Skintop Cable Gland
VSD EMC Cables PVC Cable What is a Coaxial Cable?
Devicenet Cable Earth Cable Size What are Coax Cables?
Festoon Cable Electric Power Cable Drum What is a Braided Cable?
Intrinsically Safe Cable Rubber Cables Fibre Optic Glass Cables
Welding Flex Cable Variable Speed Drive Cable


Actuator Linear Actuator Belt Driven Linear Actuator Price
Actuators Linear Actuators Servo Actuator
Linear Servo Actuator Linear Screw Actuator What is A Linear Actuator Used For?
Thomson Electrak HD Actuator


Temperature Sensors Magnetic Sensor Types of Vision Sensors
Temperature Sensor Pressure Sensor Inductive Proximity Sensor
Time Delay Relay 24V Magnetic Sensor Types PT100 Temperature Sensor
Pressure Sensor Safety Light Curtain Sensor Wenglor Laser Distance Sensors
Photoelectric Sensor Vision Sensor Fluid Sensor
Multifunctional Gate Box Photoelectric Sensor Types Flow Sensor


Absolute Encoder Incremental Encoder Rotary Encoder
Types of Sensor Encoders Rotary Encoder Types


Ultrasonic Sensor Detector What Does An Ultrasonic Sensor Do? What Is An Ultrasonic Sensor?
Ultrasonic Sensor What Is An Ultrasonic Sensor Used For?


Bearing Types Plastic Ball Bearings Slewing Ring Bearing Supplier
Thrust Bearing Polymer Ball Bearings Spherical Roller Thrust Bearings
weQube Smart Camera Spherical Plain Bearing Sizes Linear Bearings
Linear Bearing Bearings Plain Bearing Types and Applications
Spherical Bearing Bearing Suppliers Plain Bearing
Flange Bearing Spherical Taper Roller Bearing Flange Bearings
Planetary Gearbox Slewing Ring Bearing Pillow Block Bearings
Plastic Bearing Manufacturers

igus Products

igus Products e-spool igus igus Cables
igus 3D Filament igus E2/000 e-chains® igus Spherical Bearings
Igus Polymer Bearings igus Energy Chains iglidur A160
igus Ball Bearings igus Chains iglidur W300
igus Plastic Bearings igus e-chains igus Linear Actuator
igus Drylin Bearings igus Energy Chains igus Xiros
igus Bush Bearings igus Tribo Tape iglide Bearings
Igus Drylin Bearings igus Robolink igus H370
Iglidur Bearings iglidur Material igus Linear Guide Rails
Drylin Linear Bearings


Relay Switch Foot Pedal Switch Pull Cord Switch
Non Contact Safety Switch Solenoid Safety Locking Switch Foot Pedal Switches
Magnetic Safety Switch Industrial Foot Pedal Switch With Guard Inductive Proximity Sensor Switch
Pull Cord Safety Switches Emergency Stop Button Switch Emergency Pull Cord Switches


Programmable Controllers Programmable Safety Controller Programmable Controllers
What Is A Programmable Controller?

Linear Systems

Linear Guide Rail Linear Lift System Belt Driven Linear Rail
Linear Rail Linear Motion Belt Drives Linear Slide


Gearbox Right Angle Gearbox Low Backlash Gearboxes
Low Backlash Gearbox

Safety Products

Safety Interlock Safety Door Bolt Lock Two Hand Control Safety Relay
Safety Interlock Systems Safety Edge Safety Edge For Automatic Gates
Safety Relay Pneumatic Safety Valves Programmable Safety Control Relays
Emergency Push Buttons Emergency Stop Button Estop

Other Products

weQube Smart Camera Circular Connectors What is a Planetary Gear Set?
Piston Ring Suppliers Digital Position Indicator Mechanical Interlock
Pneumatic Valve What are Coaxial Cables Made Of? What Is Time Delay Relay?
Magnetic Tapes REER Mosaic Suppliers Electronic Key Management System
Types Of Coupling Heat Shrink Tubing Sizes Pilz PZE X4P Contact Expansion Module
Magnetic Tape Coupling Cable Glands
Drag Chain Socapex Connectors What is Heat Shrink Tubing?
Gatebox Treotham Australia Locations Rack and Pinion Systems
Time Delay Relay Ilme Connector Plugs M23 or 19 Pin Power Connectors
OCR Reader Rack and Pinion Solenoid Lock

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