Cable protection and wiring in the Rail Industry

For the last 45 years, PMA has been developing cable protection solutions for almost all types of rail vehicle and rail infrastructure applications. PMA has provided solutions to many of the world’s leading rail manufacturers, and through proven product and service performance, they have gained a reputation as a reliable supplier of the highest quality.

Due to the stringent fire safety requirements and importance of passenger safety, only plastic materials complying with the limits for flammability, smoke emission and toxicity set by the international standards are used. Since there is an inherent trade-off between fire safety characteristics and mechanical performance criteria, the material formulation becomes even more critical. A conduit with the necessary fire safety certification but fails in the application after a short period of service may require trains to be taken out of service for expensive repair procedures. This underscores the need for superior materials and the extensive testing that the PMA team provides.

We supply a range of PMA cable protection solutions that meet all the safety standards and are made of the highest quality tested materials for the rail industry. The multilayer conduit and PMAFIX Pro fittings provide optimal performance for various applications on trains, and the newly launched BGPM modular multiple conduits and cable clamping systems provide total modular configuration flexibility.

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Treotham Automation Pty Ltd

Learn more how PMA cable protection products can be used in an extremely wide range of rolling stock and rail infrastructure applications, wherever cables are installed and exposed to mechanical stresses and environmental hazards.
CKH Hygienic: safe for food
ILME has enlarged it's range of products for food and beverage applications with the new CKH Hygienic enclosures size “21.21”, a perfect solution that meets the requirements of the sector and satisfies the need of compactness, a trend of most of the industrial fields. The new series offers many advantages that make it the right product for the SPLASH production area of the food industry. They are very robust and safe, made of self-extinguishing thermoplastic material (PA) that are easily cleanable and resistant to the cleaning and sanitizing agents commonly used in food processing factories. They also have high detectability, where blue coloured moving or removable parts can be easily identified by video inspection to avoid any accidental contamination in food products. Read more
New shaft copying and safety system for elevators
The latest product in Elgo's LIMAX series is the LIMAX2CP safety sensor, which combines recording of the absolute shaft position and speed and various safety functions in one housing. CP stands for compact. The new sensor is of special interest for efficient shaft measurements. Even for a compact device, it is extremely small at 374.5 x 120 x 40 mm. Apart from conventional safety functions, such as overspeed, final limits monitoring and ETSL, LIMAX2CP also monitors the door zones (pre-opening, re-levelling) and unintended car movement (UCM). In addition, it is the only sensor on the market certified according to the current standards EN 81-50 and EN 61508 that in addition features inspection and start-up functions according to EN 81-20, 21 and EN 81-50. Read more
New xiros film guide for roller labelling technology
They divert films or labels: guide rollers with ball bearings. Mainly used, so far, in clear anodised aluminium, the new black igus guide roller now provides a real sensation in packaging and labelling technology. The ready-to-install system is convincing not only visually, but also technically. It consists of black anodised aluminium tubes and maintenance-free, smooth-running xiros polymer ball bearings. xiros polymer ball bearings are lubrication-free, maintenance-free, hygienic and have a very low breakaway torque. Due to these specifications, they are mainly used in the field of packaging and food technology. Read more
Rotary movements up to 7000 degrees in extremely small spaces
igus has developed the twisterband HD so that cables and hoses can be guided safely and reliably even during rotary movements. The lightweight energy chain is very stable, easy to fill and can even cope with rotating speeds of up to 180 degrees a second. It rotates around its own axis. High rotation speeds and a small installation space mean that energy cables, data cables and hoses are subjected to a great deal of stress. Compact and reliable solutions are especially called for in the case of small installation spaces such as in machine tools, and igus has therefore added two new sizes to its twisterband HD series. Read more
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