Energy and data transmission rolled out and connected in under 60 minutes


Although the world has been brought to its knees in 2020, innovations are still going ahead as normal.

The autoglide 5 is one new innovation from igus. Guiding energy safely on long travels and at a low cost: this was the goal behind the development of the the new energy chain system. It is specifically designed for horizontal use in intralogistics and on crane systems.

The energy supply system can easily be installed in the aisle on a steel wire rope or profile. The cost effective system has an 88% shorter installation time compared to trough systems and a maintenance-free operation, offering a great alternative to the busbar systems.

To see the autoglide 5 and more new igus products, head to the igus virtual exhibition to look around the new innovations for yourself.

Kind regards,

Mikael Paltoft
Managing Director
Treotham Automation Pty Ltd

Fire protection has become an increasingly important focus area for rail manufacturers and operators. Take a look at PMA's innovative, EN 45545-3 compliant, fire barrier solutions for the rail industry.
Bin Picking – Pick the Right 3D Sensor
Bin picking is a key technology for Industry 4.0. The art of this application involves reliably gripping and removing chaotically arranged or sorted components from a bin using an industrial robot. This automated process can be run either dynamically or statically. Depending upon the application, bin picking systems are recommended which are equipped with sensors that make use of either structured light or laser triangulation. Read more
New compact 21.21 enclosures by Ilme
With the new compact Ilme “21.21” enclosures, we are offering a new range of products aimed to satisfy all types of environmental requirements and installation needs. Developed for large diameter cables using an M25 cable entry, the new hoods are a perfect solution for the robotics and automation sectors thanks to the wiring flexibility and compact size. The MKA metal hoods are available in several variants according to the application demands. Read more
LAPP ROBUST cables for harsh conditions
The LAPP ROBUST cables series provide solutions for power, control and data transmission, as well as bus, sensor and Ethernet connections for a wide range of harsh environments. They are resistant to a large range of chemicals, as well as ozone, UV and weather. The wide temperature range and compliance with EN 50396 and HD 605 S2 also make them suitable for wet cleaning in the food and beverage industry in accordance with ECOLAB. Read more
Safe access with Euchner Electronic Key System EKS
We are showcasing our versatile Euchner product for electronic access control and management: the Electronic-Key-System EKS. This transponder-based read/write system has already proven its worth in the packaging machinery industry by preset parameters that provide protection against unauthorised access. The RFID-based EKS features the main advantage of being freely programmable and therefore highly versatile. The Electronic-Key stores the access rights for each employee. Read more
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