V-TYPE lever: extra tough

Over the years, ILME has developed a full range of connectors to offer the maximum possibility of choice to our customers. The possible choices include also the locking levers, which vary according to the specific needs.

To withstand high vibrations and guarantee an IP67 protection degree, ILME has developed an innovative vertical closing system, the V-TYPE lever. Fully made of stainless steel, the vertical movement guarantees a watertight seal and strain resistance - a lever built to resist!

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Treotham Automation Pty Ltd

ILME V-TYPE is an extra tough vertical closing stainless steel lever that grants watertight seal, strong coupling and resistance to vibrations, making it a perfect solution for mutiple applications.
e-spool flex for continuous panel feed in industrial robots
A control panel forms the robot's control centre. If it is to be used flexibly, its cable must be not only several metres long, but also movable and safely stowed. To this end, igus has developed the e-spool flex. The new igus cable reel has no slip ring, so it can even supply bus signals with no interruptions. The cable can also be easily retrofitted into the system. These advantages won ARAGON over. It offers a complete cable set, consisting of e-spool flex with a standard cable and a pre-assembled panel mount, as a service for its industrial robots. Read more
Double coupling lasts longer: new igus elastic double joint
Coupling joints are exposed to various types of loads, such as permanent vibrations, edge loads and high tensile forces and compressive strength. The demands on the material used are therefore extremely high. With the igubal GPZM coupling joint, igus is now presenting a double joint that is not only lubrication-free and maintenance-free, but also 20% more flexible than the conventional solution thanks to a new housing material. This firmly encloses the ball stud, prevents the penetration of dirt and increases the dependability of the moving application. Read more
PMA Livestream about cable protection for the rail industry
On Thursday and Friday at 7pm AEST, PMA will present it's latest cable protection solutions for the rail industry via livestream, on a 3D model train with real product installations. You will have the chance to ask questions which will be answered directly during the livestream. The PMA livestream is open to public and will be streamed live on the ABB cable protection YouTube channel. No registration or login required. Don't miss this opportunity to gain additional insights about latest cable protection solutions for the rail industry from one of the leading manufacturers of cable protection solutionsRead more
Mixo Megabit: mega transmission in a compact space
The ILME Mixo modular system has been enriched with the shielded Megabit module, the perfect solution for any installation requiring data transfer with shielded signal lines, such as the railway sector and many other applications. Besides the advantage of compactness, with its single module size, the new 8-pole insert is an Ethernet Cat5e component (frequencies up to 100MHz and data rates up to 1 Gbps) and has a rating of 10 A / 50 V / 0,8 kV / 3. It is available in multiple variants and several types of 10 A crimp contacts are separately available to complete your installation. Read more
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