weFlux²micro: The smallest pressure sensor for high performance
With the new Wenglor weFlux²micro pressure sensor, system designers and engineers are now able to monitor pressure in compact system structures. Thanks to its small diameter of just 14mm and process connection with M5 thread, the new high performance sensor enables measurements at previously inaccessible locations for the first time.

Pressure ranges between –1 and +25 bar can therefore be installed for the first time in hydraulic clamping systems, tight lubrication bearings or compact 3D printers. Thanks to its low weight of only 13g, it can even be mounted on robot arms and moving system parts. 

With a response time of less than one millisecond and a measurement error of less than 0.5%, the sensor is very fast and very precise, making it small, light and powerful at the same time!
Kind regards,

Mikael Paltoft
Managing Director
Treotham Automation Pty Ltd


As an essential service provider, our staff will continue to work hard to make sure you receive your order on time during this lockdown period. We are taking additional measures to keep our staff and customers safe, and our sales team are available to assist you with all enquiries.
New igus module for predictive maintenance
With the i.Cee:local module, igus has now developed a new home for its smart plastics software. The module calculates the remaining service life of the energy chain, cable, linear guide and plain bearing during operation. This allows the service life of the system to be optimised, faults to be detected and rectified at an early stage, and maintenance to be planned in advance. With its multi-connectivity, i.Cee:local can be integrated via the Internet or without IoT connectivity via the local network, depending on customer requirements. The smart plastics sensors monitor abrasion, measure the pull/push force and provide information about an imminent overload. Read more
T-TYPE Hygienic enclosures from ILME
Food processing and packaging sectors know no rest, even more in the present situation as retail demand surged and manufacturers have to quickly increase production to keep pace. In this context, food contamination prevention plays a key role in ensuring safety, quality and in avoiding the possibility of plant downtime. Safety, detectability, and cleaning are the drivers to meet this need and which ILME refers to in the improvement of its T-TYPE HYGIENIC series. The blue levers of the enclosures range are now metal detectable, made of a special plastic blend with metal additives which allow detection of small particles via metal detectors. Read more
Come visit us at the IICA expo in Gladstone next week
We would love to see you at the Institute of Instrumentation Control and Automation exhibition in Gladstone next week. We will have new products on display from world leading brands including igus, Lapp, PMA, ilme and more. Pop in for a chat and pick up a copy of our latest catalogue. It is located at the Gladstone Entertainment Convention Centre. The event is free and everyone is welcome to attend. We are looking forward to seeing you there! Learn more
igus 2021 Motion Plastics Show: 168 new innovations
The real-life/virtual trade show invites visitors to use high-performance polymers to improve their moving applications. More new products, product extensions and digital offerings than ever before: the 2021 "igus Motion Plastics Show" is opening digitally. Visitors can look forward to 168 innovations from all departments – from telescopic robot tube packages to dry-running ball bearings with 21 times the standard service life to large scale 3D printing. Read more
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