The new robolink IP44 from igus: a robot that defies wet elements!

Happy New Year and welcome to 2021: a hopefully more positive year than the last. The industry has seen some great new innovations that we can not wait to share with you.

From discussions with customers, igus learned that many users are looking for an economically affordable solution that can also be used in splash water environments, for example, when emulsions have to be removed.

Damp and wet environments can quickly degrade the mechanics of a robot. This prompted igus to launch a Low Cost Automation innovation on the market, which can easily and cost-effectively implement simple tasks and at the same time be allowed to come into contact with splash water.

The new robolink makes use of the advantages of stainless steel and high-performance polymers, and meets protection class IP44 at least.

Kind regards,

Mikael Paltoft
Managing Director
Treotham Automation Pty Ltd

The new robolink RL-DP from igus is now also protected against splash water thanks to robot joints tribologically optimised for Protection Class IP 44.
Stamped contacts: a convenient alternative for signal and data applications
The new ilme SI 5 A gold plated stamped crimp contacts are the right solution for signal and data applications, particularly required in the automation and robotics sectors and on installations on electrical panels. The new series offer an outstanding price-quality ratio and time optimisation for high volume automatic processes. They are also compatible with the main data connectors and standard or modular inserts used in the automation sector. The contacts are available in several variants, suitable to any type of installation requirement. Read more
Cables weighing tons guided by quickly mounted igus e-loop energy chain
The igus e-loop guides cables safely at a defined bend radius and even withstands shocks and impacts. The energy chain system is specifically designed for hanging applications, such as in deep drilling rigs and is already replacing service loops worldwide. In order to offer users a complete ready-to-connect system from a single source that operates safely even in extreme application scenarios, such as in explosion zones, we now offer our energy chains with special connectors and cables as tested readychains. Read more
uniVision 2.3: Image Processing Software Receives EtherNet/IP™ Interface
uniVision, the configurable standard Wenglor software for two- and three-dimensional image processing, receives another version update. The latest 2.3 release enables quick and easy integration of Smart Cameras and control units in EtherNet/IP™ controls via the EtherNet/IP™ interface. Results of image and profile evaluations, such as measured values, detected patterns or codes, can be transmitted from the Smart Camera or control unit to the control in real time with this interface. New overlays in the web-based visualisation of results are another particularly attractive feature of the update. Read more
Thomson electro-hydraulic linear actuators optimise force density and shock resistance
Treotham has released an electro-hydraulic actuator that has the strength of hydraulic cylinders but without their complex external assemblies or extensive fluid handling requirements. Thomson Warner Linear H-Track actuators move loads of up to 2177kg from a compact mounting envelope. The actuators are ideal for space-constrained applications requiring high load handling and shock resistance, such as agricultural plows and sprayer booms, mower deck lifts, snowplow blade control, and UTV dump boxes. Read more
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