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Continuous monitoring for safe operation – igus® smart plastics
igus® has been carrying out intensive tests in its own laboratory since 1985. We have used all the measured values thus obtained to develop and improve our intelligent smart plastics. New this year: Simple system modules that collect information and a module that evaluates it. Easy to install – in existing applications as well – for substantially increased fail-safety!

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igus® smart plastics
The isense modules evoked a great deal of interest among visitors at this year's Hannover Messe. Find out more...
Your benefits with smart plastics
Reduce maintenance costs
Eliminate unplaned downtime
Long service life
Increase equipment efficiency
Save time - Faster detection of the reasons for anomalies
Discover the savings you can make and increase the fail-safety of your e-chains® and cables. We will be happy to advise you.

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New and improved in 2017
igus® smart plastics
igus® smart plastics ... Improved details. Experience of numerous beta testers incorporated.
smart plastics increase fail-safety. Intelligent products predict their replacement date during ongoing operation and can be integrated seamlessly into your processes (predictive maintenance).

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smart plastics modules for e-chains® and cables
The isense family of products
  icom – the central communication module
The central communication unit collects, processes and passes on data, thus enabling direct integration into the company's infrastructure.
smart plastics
Receives data from isense sensors and sends the data – after individual configuration – to the terminal devices. The icom module can be integrated into existing production facilities even easier than before. In addition, other manufacturers' data-generating units that monitor status can be connected to the icom module. It collects and transfers all the values of the isense measuring systems and communicates the data without cables.
  Predict the service life of e-chains®
Mounted on different crossbars, igus® isense EC.L – L(ifetime) modules combined with the icom communication module are able to evaluate the current status of an e-chain®. The data collected from the EC.M(otion) acceleration & temperature sensor, and the EC.W(ear) abrasion sensor, are sent to the "open-source solution" (icom). As well as doing other things, icom collects and evaluates the data from the EC.L modules so that the need to replace or repair components can be predicted and production plants can function consistently and efficiently.
isense EC.M
isense EC.M – M(otion)
isense EC.M is mounted on the moving end of the e-chain® and automatically records its status, i.e. acceleration, speed, temperature and completed cycles. The distance travelled and the remaining service life of the system can then be derived from this information. All values are sent to the central icom module.
isense EC.W
isense EC.W – W(ear)
A wear sensor that is mounted in the crossbar of the e-chain® and sends information regarding the wear of the e-chain® directly to the icom unit. Supplements the calculated remaining service life determined by the EC.L L(ifetime) with real measured wear data and, in this way, enables extremely precise service life predictions.
isense EC.P/B
isense EC.P – P(ush/Pull) – previously igus® PPDS
Is used to monitor the push and pull forces acting on igus® e-chains® over long travels. The EC.P is a combination of load cell (force monitoring, pull/push force monitoring) and isense EC.P evaluation unit (PPDS Box).

isense EC.B – B(reakage) – previously igus® EMA
Detects breakage of a chain link . The EC.B consists of a polymer wire in special separators and a sensor unit.
isense EC.RC
isense EC.RC (e-chain® Run Control)
Sensors measure and check the position of the e-chain®. Due to this, the machine is prevented from continuing to operate when mechanical faults occur. This means that total loss of the chain or electrical shutdown of the plant (for example due to cable damage) is a thing of the past.
  Predict service life of chainflex® cables
isense CF.Q
isense CF.Q – Q (Electronic Conductor Quality)
Is used to determine the service life of chainflex® cables laid in plants. With the help of permanent electric monitoring of two additional cores in the cable that are connected to a module in the control cabinet, conductivity values are checked continuously and compared with experiential values and the parameters of the equipment so that replacement can be planned in good time before a cable failure occurs.
smart plastics for dry-tech® solutions as well
  Predict the service life of drylin® linear guides
isense DL.W(ear)
isense DL.W(ear)
Is used to determine the wear limit of drylin® linear units, i.e. when the degree of wear means that a linear guide has reached the end of its service life. A plastic element, which has an integrated sensor and can be retrofitted if required, signals the need for replacement in good time.
  Predict the service life of iglidur® PRT slewing ring bearings
isense DL.W(ear)
isense PRT.W – W(ear)
Mounted in a machined slot below the sliding elements of the PRT, the PRT.W sensor measures the degree of abrasion and, via the icom communication module, can indicate the need for replacement in good time.
smart plastics are already being used
Today, igus® smart plastics are already being used, e.g. in manufacturing in the automotive industry. Frequent applications are in the form of preventive systems for monitoring the residual service life of igus® e-chains® and chainflex® cables, for example in emergency systems, chain systems and robots, gantries, swaging lines, logistics centres and assembly lines.

Reduce costs and improve technical performance
520 examples of e-chains® online
550 examples of iglidur® bearings online
This is where the smart plastics come from ...
Test results from a period of more than 30 years provide the igus® plastics with their artificial intelligence
The development and manufacture of igus® smart plastics sensors and monitoring modules are based on test results and experience gained in the igus® laboratory, which has existed since 1985. All the test results are recorded in a huge database. Continuous tests in the laboratory and in customer applications help us to make analysis of the measured values more and more precise. One of the results of this is that we are able to arrive at exact service life predictions and thus make our products "intelligent". In this test laboratory, which is the largest in the industry, more than 10 trillion test cycles are carried out with e-chains® and chainflex® cables at a total of 180 testing stations every year.
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