Multifunctional Process Monitoring for Industry 4.0: Pressure and Temperature Measurement in a Single Sensor 

Treotham introduces new generation of Wenglor weFlux² fluid sensors with IO-Link 1.1 

With ongoing development of its product portfolio in the field of fluid sensor technology, Wenglor is enabling process monitoring of smart machines for the digital age. Not only do the new weFlux² pressure sensors acquire process values via the intelligent IO-Link 1.1 interface, in accordance with the 2-in-1 principle they also combine two measuring functions into a single housing. And thus Treotham is introducing the first sensor to the market which simultaneously acquires relative pressure and the temperature of liquids and gases. 

Pressure and temperature measurement in a single sensor 

Wenglor’s engineers have succeeded in integrating a temperature element into a pressure measuring cell. This makes it possible for weFlux² pressure sensors to simultaneously acquire relative pressure and temperature in liquids and gases. Combining these measuring functions enhances economic efficiency because fewer sensors are required for process monitoring. At the same time, reducing the number of sensors is in line with the trend towards more and more compact systems and machines.  

Process monitoring makes machines smart 

All of the sensors included in the weFlux² series are equipped with the most up-to-date IO-Link version 1.1. They can be used to acquire all relevant process values such as pressure, flow and temperature. In combination with Wenglor’s wTeach2 software, a digital platform is created for smart machines by means of which the fluid sensors configure themselves automatically, and with which acquired data can be evaluated and visualized in real-time. Thanks to intelligent process monitoring, machines are utilised to their fullest extent and systems are preventively protected against damage. 

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