Bin Picking – Pick the Right 3D Sensor

Bin picking is a key technology for Industry 4.0. The art of this application involves reliably gripping and removing chaotically arranged or sorted components from a bin using an industrial robot. This automated process can be run either dynamically or statically. Depending upon the application, bin picking systems are recommended which are equipped with sensors that make use of either structured light or laser triangulation.

Camera-based 3D ShapeDrive sensors are the ideal solution for bin picking applications where the bins are not in motion. The sensors make use of structured light, i.e. they project several light patterns onto the components to be measured in the bin. A camera inside the sensor records these light patterns and digitalizes the components as a 3D point cloud. The advantage of ShapeDrive sensors is their extremely high resolution, which can go all the way down to 3 µm and makes it possible to detect even the finest of structures on components.

weCat3D Profile Sensors for Dynamic Applications
weCat3D profile sensors are suitable for bin picking applications with moving bins, for example on conveyor belts. The sensors scan the components in the passing bins with their laser beams and generate a three-dimensional height profile of the content. Thanks to their extremely high performance with up to 12 million measuring points per second, weCat3D profile sensors provide high resolution point clouds even in dynamic applications.

Simple Integration into the Bin Picking System
weCat3D profile sensors and ShapeDrive 3D sensors are distinguished by their multi-connectivity capabilities. The software development kit which is available free of charge, or the GigE Vision server module, permits simple integration into the bin picking system. The point clouds can be easily evaluated with software from third-party suppliers or incorporated into user-programmed software via the interface to a software module which is provided by Wenglor free of charge.

The weCat3D profile sensors and ShapeDrive 3D sensors are available from Treotham.

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