New Reer Master Unit for the Mosaic system from Treotham

M1S Master unit with enhanced features allows cost reductions

Mosaic is a unique safety hub that is able to manage all safety functions of a machinery or plant. The modular controller is configurable, scalable and expandable with minimal wiring.

The new MOSAIC M1S joins the existing range of Reer Mosaic safety controllers. Thanks to the enhanced micro-controller, the M1S offers enhanced features compared to the well proven M1, including 4 single OSSD safety outputs (or 2 pairs), up to 128 logic operators, 4 inputs for Start/Restart interlock and EDM, 4 test output and 4 status output.

Its “little brother", the new MI8O4 (with 8 additional inputs and 4 additional outputs) expansion module is also available. The new Reer M1S Master Unit, as well as the I/O Expansion Module MI8O4 are TUV and UL certified and are available for sale from Treotham.

Reer M1S master unit

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