Quieter, stronger and faster to fill: New igus e-chain standard for small and medium sizes

E2.1 series reduces noise by 10 dB and assembly time by 50%

The new igus E2.1 range which was previously only available for expensive speciality chains has now become the standard at Treotham. The new range is characterised by a long service life, very quiet operation and easy filling in seconds. This saves the user 50% installation time. At the same time the new e-chain series for medium loads meets the needs of the machine, not the other way round. In the future, users will be able to choose the ideal energy chain or energy tube for reliable cable guidance from over 850 alternatives.

More installation space, easy filling and assembly, as well as a long service life are just some of the benefits that the E2.1 series from Treotham has to offer. This new generation of the two-piece energy chain was developed to improve on the preceding E2/000 series, which has proved its worth for over 15 years. The E2.1 series offers extremely fast filling of the e-chain from the side or from the top – along the inner or outer radius, using a chain opener or screwdriver. In this way, 1 metre of the e-chain can be opened in just 2 seconds. Due to these features, the E2.1 is ideal for use in general engineering, woodworking and metalworking industries, and in machine tool construction. In addition to an inner height of 10, 15 and 26 millimetres, users can also have inner heights of 38 and 48 millimetres.

Quiet operation due to innovative brake design

A special design feature of the new E2.1 is the unique lens-shaped brake at the stop-dog of the chain links. This ensures a particularly quiet chain travel with low vibration and noise. Compared to the previous generation, the noise is reduced by up to 10 dB thanks to this innovative brake design. The E2.1 series is up to 15 dB quieter than comparable energy chains on the market. This was proven by tests at 2m/s in an insulated sound chamber at the 2,750 square metre igus test laboratory.

Individual energy supply thanks to maximum flexibility

In addition, the e-chains have an optimised interior, which offers even more space with the same outer height when compared to the E2/000. To match the design of the interior of the chain, Treotham offers a complete interior separation range consisting of lean separators with rounded edges for a long service life of hoses and cables. The assembly of the interior separation with lean separators is up to 50% faster than previous solutions, therefore ensuring even faster harnessing. For side-mounted applications there are notch separators that ensure a custom-fit. The notch separator engages in a narrow integrated grid in the crossbar and guarantees a secure fit. With matching highly flexible chainflex cables and connectors, the E2.1 is available as a complete, ready-to-connect energy solution for all mechanical engineers worldwide. In addition to the E2.1 product range, these e-chains are also available as enclosed energy tubes in the R2.1 range, which has the same design features as the E2.1. The E2.1 is also equipped with a QR code. Integrated directly into the e-chain, it offers the machine builder online information about the chain, including assembly instructions, or how to identify and order spare parts, with just a quick scan using a smartphone or tablet.

E2.1 e chain Circuit

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