RJ45 90-degree compact connection

The latest ILME solution for a quick, compact, and reliable RJ45 cabinet connection: CJZA 8 IA4 is now available from Treotham.

The new coupler is composed of a metal angled bulkhead mounting housing size 21.21, hosting an Ethernet Cat.5 female-female connector, with a transmission speed of 10-100 Mbps.    

The vertical and flat mounting allows a secure coupling with the male connector along the surface of the panel, avoiding any accidental torsion and reducing the overall dimensions.

The new coupler features a choice of 3 closing levers: classic lever in stainless steel with rolls, rigid lever in stainless or galvanized steel. It offers an IP66/IP67/IP69 degree of protection when mated and locked. The installation is completed by the wide range of compact hoods, RJ45 patch cords and connectors, and a coding pin which allows to mark up to 4 different individual configurations.

The new ILME connectors are available from Treotham Automation.

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