New HNM ilme inserts from Treotham: 10,000 times durable

The ILME HNM – High Number of Matings series is enriched with the combined inserts RX 12/2, a perfect solution for the automation sector, especially for test benches, three-phase AC induction motors and automatic tool changers (ATC) thanks to its outstanding durability which guarantees up to 10,000 mating cycles with dedicated enclosures.

The main features include crimp connection, great resistance to strong vibrations and special antifriction lubrication treatment. They have 12 poles 40 A and 690 V + 2 auxiliary poles 10 A and 250 V.

The inserts must be used with the dedicated gold plated crimp contacts of the RD 10 A series and the new RX 40 A series, which complete the HNM range of products offering a high performance for your industrial application.

HNM ilme inserts Circuit

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