Treotham’s new combined CXC inserts: designed for modern industry

Treotham provides the new ILME combined CXC series, with power and auxiliary contacts featuring a crimp connection. An exclusive solution by ILME for an improved performance.

Perfect for wind energy applications, automation and installations requiring a power connector, the inserts grant a safe and reliable connection, vibration resistance and a good current-density ratio, optimizing the mounting space.

Choose between the 2 available versions:

  • CXC 4/2 with 4 poles 80 A, 830 V + 2 poles 16 A, 400 V;
  • CXC 4/8 with 4 poles 80 A, 400 V + 8 poles 16 A, 230/400 V.

The series is fully compatible and interchangeable with the existing screw connection CX 4/2 and CX 4/8 inserts, and is used with:

  • CX7 silver plated contacts for main poles, with a nominal current up to 80 A (from 6 mm2 / AWG 10 to 25 mm2 / AWG 4-3);
  • CC silver plated 16 A contacts for auxiliary poles (from 0,14-0,37 mm2 / AWG 26-22 to 4 mm2 / AWG 12).

For more information contact Treotham Automation.

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