Soft, but tough: New cables for fast movements in small spaces

Treotham extends its range with igus cables that are ideally suited for fast, short strokes with very small radii due to their flexibility. In addition to the extremely flexible conductor structure, the chainflex CFSOFT uses highly abrasion-resistant, very soft jacket materials to ensure high flexibility of the cable. This guarantees a long service life in energy chains, even in the smallest of installation spaces.

The flexibility of the chainflex CFSOFT is achieved by the special new igus conductor design. The individual cores are made of soft copper and undergo a special lacing and stranding process during manufacture, which makes the overall cable much more flexible and softer than traditional flexible cables. This makes the new series ideal for quick use in very confined spaces. Among other sectors, in the semiconductor industry, where energy chains with very small bend radii are used, they guide cables with very fast, short strokes of about 0.5 to 1 metre in length. Conventional cables force the energy chains open at the bend radius and thus influence their movement. The CFSOFT solves this problem thanks to its easily pliable material. In this way, the new cables are designed for a bend radius of 5xd and at the same time have the cleanroom class 2.

CFSOFT Industrial Electrix

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