Types of Vision Sensors

Treotham New Zealand is an authorised distributor of Wenglor vision sensors. In this article we provide you with information about the benefits of vision sensors and the types of vision sensors available to assist you with determining the most appropriate solution for your application. 

We are industry leaders in the distribution of products and components for the industrial automation sector. We have been in operation for over 25 years, have a local, Auckland based warehouse stocking over 1000 items and a team of experts experienced in providing cost effective solutions for our customers based on the latest technology. 

Below we list the features & functions of Wenglor’s vision sensors.Wenglor VisionApp 360 Software pic

About Vision Sensors

Wenglor vision sensors are housed in a compact design, offer numerous image processing functions and reliable color image processing. Features & functions of Wenglor vision sensors include:

  • Easy to use
  • Shape analysis (detects if objects have the correct shape)
  • Pixel and reference image comparison
  • Presence check and control
  • Colour analysis and comparisons (detects and checks objects by color characteristics)
  • Function linking
  • Autofocus 
  • Option to connect external lamps
  • Dimensional accuracy check
  • Object detection, counting and sorting
  • Innovative 3D Tracking 

Types Of Vision Sensors

There are many types of vision sensors and options to choose from in the Wenglor vision sensor range. Our team has vast experience in assisting our customers with vision sensor solutions that best meet your applications requirements. We have exclusive access to many international product lines and a fully equipped workshop, which allows us to tailor the best solutions for our customers as required. 

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