Safety Edge For Automatic Gates

Treotham New Zealand supplies high quality and cost effective safety edge solutions to New Zealand’s industrial automation industry. In this article, we include information about the safety contact edges in our range, including safety edges for automatic gates and their technical data sheets to assist you in determining what safety contact edge is the most appropriate for your application. 

We have been in operation for over 25 years and are leaders in the industry. We are the exclusive distributor for many international product lines, have an Auckland based warehouse stocking over 1000 products and a team of experts experienced in determining the best solutions for our local customers based on the latest technology. 

Below is a list of our safety contact edges and links to relevant data sheets. 

Safety Contact Edge Range

Safety contact edges are used for the protection of both people and equipment. They guard closing edges at possible crushing or shearing points (e.g. automatic doors, machines and handling equipment). They are suitable for use in applications that have greasy environments or are exposed to solvents. Our safety contact edges, including safety edges for automatic gates also comply with the latest European certification standards. Products in our range include:

Safety Contact Edge Applications

Safety contact edges are suitable for use in a variety of applications including 

  • Production plants (in all industries)
  • On the doors of trains and buses
  • Revolving doors of carousels
  • Airport baggage and cargo transport equipment

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