Ready Chain

Treotham have been supplying energy chains, for the secure transfer of energy and data to mobile consumer equipment, to Australian industries for many years. Utilising this experience and knowledge base, we have incorporated energy supply systems with cables and connectors. Known as a Readychain, these ready to install products come in various configurations.

Types of Ready Chain

Manufactured by igus, this range of ready chains are a complete energy chain system. Options include:

  • Readychain - Comes ready to install with all components including; the matching plugs and connectors, linear bearings, sensor actuator boxes and plates.
  • Readychain speed 2.0 - The next generation plug that is ready to fit directly onto a machine without specialised tools, making connection 3x faster while accommodating 16 different modular inserts.
  • Module Connect - A plug-in connector for electric cables, fibre-optic cables and pneumatic hoses, with each housing being able to be fitted with 4 different connector inserts.
Ready Chain - ready chain  Ready Chain - Readychain speed 2.0   Ready Chain - module connect
Readychain Readychain speed 2.0 Module connect


Learn more about each of these ready chains by ordering a free catalogue online (select Energy Chains), or watch the Readychain module connect video below.

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