Programmable Safety Control Relays

Treotham New Zealand supplies a wide range of safety control relays to New Zealand’s industrial automation sector. 

In this article we provide you with information about safety relays to assist you with determining the most appropriate solution for your application. We have been providing high quality, cost effective solutions for our customers, based on the latest technology for over 25 years. We are the exclusive distributor for many product lines and have an Auckland based warehouse that allows us to fulfill orders efficiently. The safety relays in our range, available to the New Zealand market are listed below. 

About Programmable Safety Relays PNOZ s4 F1 60 1

Safety relays are a self-monitoring device used for the protection of people and processes.

They check and monitor safety systems and will allow a machine to operate if safe or will execute an emergency stop when required.

Integration of Programmable safety relays 

into machinery is flexible and cost effective and they are ideal for when a dedicated logic device is required in smaller machines.

They are also Safety Category 4/Pl e as per EN ISO 13849 compliant. 

Safety Relay Range

Programmable safety relays in our range include: PNOZX2.8Pnew

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