Pneumatic Valve

At Treotham, we partner with leading industrial automation component suppliers from around the world, to deliver world class reliable products at affordable prices in Australia & New Zealand. With fully equipped facilities, with highly trained engineers, we provide fast, dependable and fully custom-built solutions for a range of specialised industrial automation applications.


Find the Right Pneumatic Control Valves Pneumatic Valve

We stock many pneumatic valves for different usage scenarios. This includes the XSz Norgren safety pneumatic valves and metal work pneumatic valves. Each valve features unique features that are designed for longevity and reliability.

For example, the XSz Norgren safety pneumatic valves feature positively guided contacts and a redundant pneumatic flow control valve design in accordance to safety regulations. The pressure only increases when both valves are activated simultaneously, allowing safe exhausts in the event of a malfunction.


Get a Pneumatic Control Valve for Your Industry

Get in touch for an obligation free consultation with one of our trained specialists. We can work with you to understand your specific industrial automation requirements, and help make recommendations in selecting the right pneumatic valve for your individual circumstances.

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