Flow Sensor

Operating out of multiple warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Auckland, Treotham Automation strive to supply a range of industrial automation components at an efficient, reliable and affordable price for customers. By partnering with internationally renowned component manufacturers, we offer specialised advice through our highly trained in-house engineers. 

Flow Sensor

Wenglor Flow Rate Sensors

Wenglor flow sensors provide an effective solution for applications requiring a flow temperature sensor and flow velocity sensor for closed system liquid media. With a unique patented measuring system, these sensors can be mounted inside pipes regardless of position without the need to align the measuring probe to the direction of flow.

  • weFlux2flow sensors– equipped with a compact V4A stainless steel housing and contains an integrated analysis module. Can be configured in a decentralised manner and allows diagnostic data to be queried as required using a modern interface.

  • UniFlow flow sensor– features a large 7-segment display that allows easy reading of measured values as percentages or litres per minute. This sensor has intuitive controls for ease of use.

Expert Advice for Your Applications

Get in touch for a free consultation to select the right flow rate sensor for your individual business application. Our trained technicians can answer any questions you might have and help you make a more informed choice.


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