Emergency Pull Cord Switches

In this article, we provide you with information about our range of emergency pull cords to assist you in determining the most appropriate safety solution for your application. 

Treotham New Zealand has been providing product and component solutions to the industrial automation sector for over 25 years. We have an Auckland based warehouse, stocking over 1000 items with a rigorous chain management system that ensures our orders are fulfilled efficiently. 

Find out more about our emergency pull cord switches, available to the New Zealand market below. Pull Cord Switch

Emergency Pull Cord Switch Range

Emergency stop rope pull switches are used to alleviate existing hazards for personnel, damage to the machinery and to protect processes.They are ideal for when it is necessary to protect large danger areas where it is not possible or too complex to fit a housing or cover.

Our range of emergency pull cord switches are fast-action clamping and tensioning and are available in various rigging lengths & housing materials. They are made using the highest quality standards and reliable technology.

Emergency stop rope pull switches in our range include: 

  • RPS-M - Download operating data manual sheet here.
  • RPS-SC - Download operating data manual sheet here.
  • RPS-PR - Download operating data manual sheet here.

View an example of correct emergency pull cord switch installation examples here. Emergency stop rope pull switch accessories include

  • Eyebolt
  • Rope set
  • Pulley set
  • Turnbuckle
  • Tensioner spring 
  • Tensioning rope 
  • Built-in LED

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