Circular Connectors

M12 Power ConnectorTreotham is your reliable partner for high quality industrial automation products and components. By partnering with world renowned manufacturers, we bring you the very latest automation technology coupled with expert local knowledge to give your business a competitive edge.

Our multiple locations in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Sydney ensure your orders are dispatched fast and you’re kept abreast of any updates as they occur.

Hummel Range of Circular Connectors

The Hummel range of products include sizes ranging from M8 to M40 circular connector types. Many products are modular and consist of compatible housings, inserts and contacts. This guarantees that there’s a circular power connector for almost any conceivable application requirement.

M12 Power – includes M12 power straight connector with male or female connector, right angle connector, power panel connector, inserts contacts and accessories.

M16 4 pin circular connector – includes M16 straight connectors with male or female thread (including long version and TWILOCK), right angle connectors, panel connectors, inserts contacts and accessories.

INOX connector – includes M16 INOX, M23 signal INOX, M23 Power INOX and a range of INOX accessories.

Find the Perfect Circular Connector

Get in touch to speak to a consultant and explore our range of circular connector types. We can discuss your application requirements and identify the right circular connector that’s right for you.

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