Cat5 Ethernet Cable

With a wide range of usage applications, Etherline branded CAT5 ethernet cables from Lapp Group is ideal for a range of purposes.

CAT5 Ethernet Cable Usage Applications:

  • Industrial Ethernet.
  • Industrial Ethernet EC.
  • PROFINET Type A - fixed installation.
  • PROFINET Type B - flexible application.
  • PROFINET Type C - continuous flexing application.
  • PROFINET Type C - special application.
  • PROFINET HYBRID Type B - flexible application.
  • Available in fixed installation CAT5e or patch CAT5e cable configurations for increased flexibility of applications.

cat5 ethernet cable

Some of the features of the fixed installation Etherline CAT5e ethernet cable range are:

  • High quality double screening ensures high transmission reliability in areas with electromagnetic interference.
  • PUR outer sheath that is highly resistant to mineral oils and abrasion.
  • Halogen-free outer sheath.

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