Thermocouple chainflex cables for heavy duty applications.

- Outer jacket: PUR
- Overall shield
- Coolant resistant
- Notch-resistant
- Hydrolysis and microbe-resistant
- Halogen-free
- Silicone-free
- UV-resistant
- PVC-free
- Oil resistance: Oil-resistant according to DIN EN 50363-10-2

Typical application areas
- For heavy duty applications
- Almost unlimited resistance to oil
- Indoor and outdoor applications with average sun radiation
- Unsupported travel distances and up to 50 m for gliding applications
- Machining centres / machine tools, storage and retrieval systems, packaging industry, handling, refrigerating areas

Product Name CFTHERMO
Name of Chapter Data, Coax & Thermocouple Cables
Name of Sub Chapter Thermocouple Cables
Brand Name Chainflex

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