773 100, 773 110, 773 103, 793 100, 772 000, 750 0 - PNOZ Multi

Pilz’s Pnoz Multi/Multi 2 and Pnoz mini multi programmable safety controller: The configurable safety controllers PNOZmulti Mini/Pnoz multi and Pnoz multi 2 are used to monitor more than three safety functions. The unit's compact structure and plain text display are particularly convincing.The safety controller can be configured quite simply using the software tool PNOZmulti Configurator. The configurable safety controller PNOZmulti Mini can also be connected to all common communication systems and so can be used with various operational control systems. So you can standardise your safety!Pnoz multi family is certified to PL e/Cat 4 of EN ISO 13849 and SIL 3 to EN 62061

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pnoz multi programming software

Product Name PNOZ Multi
Part Number 773 100, 773 110, 773 103, 793 100, 772 000, 750 0
Name of Chapter Safety
Name of Sub Chapter Programmable Controllers
Brand Name Pilz

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