Belt Drive, Slide Guides

Belt driven, slide guided units are units for dynamic applications requiring high speed, high acceleration, low maintenance and smooth travel. They are a cost efficient guide system with chemical protected versions.

A belt drive consists of a toothed belt which is attached to the carriage of the unit. The belt runs between two pulleys positioned at either end of the profile with one attached to the motor and the other mounted in a tensioning station. They are made of plastic with steel cords and have high speeds, long stroke, low noise and low overall weight.

A slide guide consists of a guide (steel or aluminium) attached to the inside of the profile and a slide bushing made of polymer material attached to the carriage. Bushings can be fixed, or prism where it can move in relation to the guide and results in longer life and higher load capabilities. Slide bushings are simple, reliable, silent, and robust and can be used in dirty and dusty environments. They are also resistant to shock loads, have a long life expectancy and require little or no maintenance. 

Product Name Belt Drive, Slide Guides
Name of Chapter Linear Units

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