CX 01 9VTF - CX 01 9VTF Female D-Sub module

The new enhanced female D-Sub shielded module offers a T-connection for RS-485 BUS systems, making it also suitable for Motor-Control-Center technology (MCC).

Together with the relevant already existing male connector (CX 01 9VM), it enriches the ILME MIXO series of modular inserts.


  • Female insets
  • 9 pole module
  • D-Sub module for RS-485
  • Modular units MIXO series
  • Euipped with a printed circuit
  • 2×2 screw terminals for the cable connection 
  • Complete wire shielding

Typical applications:

  • Automation
  • Robotics
  • Energy

Product Name CX 01 9VTF Female D-Sub module
Part Number CX 01 9VTF
Name of Chapter ilme
Name of Sub Chapter Inserts
Brand Name Ilme

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