EMC cable gland up to Cat. 7A

Graduated selection of products with attenuations into the GHz range

The increasing spread of electromagnetic radiation and the greater sensitivity of modern electronic components mean cable glands have an important role to play in a system's screening concept. PFLITSCH offers a graduated selection of EMC capabilities in its UNI Dicht and blueglobe cable glands for use in EMC applications up to Cat. 7A.

The EMC cable gland blueglobe TRI separates the functions of sealing and EMC screening and therefore achieves the highest attenuation values of 80 dB up to 100 MHz. Even in the frequency range up to 2.5 GHz, the values are typically at least 50 dB. High current-carrying capacity is also provided. A triangular spring fits around the cable's braided shielding. The design of the spring precludes its getting caught in the braiding if the assembly is dismantled.

UNI HF Dicht and UNI IRIS EMC cable glands with an internal stainless steel annular spring are easy to work with and reliable. As the pressure screw is tightened, the sealing insert presses the annular spring evenly around the exposed screening braid of the cable.

From standard solution to special product

  • The cost-effective UNI Entstör Dicht / interference suppression: the screening braid of the cable is placed on to a cone in the cable gland.

  • UNI EMC for higher requirements: the spread-out screening braid is placed between a pair of cones in accordance with DIN 89345. This cable gland achieves a high current-carrying capacity.

  • blueglobe AC for steel-armoured cable in sizes M20 to M85: A special brass clamping ring makes contact with the armouring in accordance with the British Standard Armoured Cables.

  • blueglobe EMC for screened cables, motor and data cables that require the individual conductors to be separately screened: the helical screening halves make reliable contact with the outer cable screening and accommodate the two internal separately screened conductors. By this arrangement, a single cable gland can provide selective screening.

  • PFLITSCH EMC cable glands are also available as ATEX-certified versions.

Product Name EMC cable gland up to Cat. 7A
Name of Chapter Pflitsch Cable Glands
Name of Sub Chapter EMC

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