UNI Split Gland

For preassembled cables and simple maintenance

PFLITSCH brought the first completely splittable plastic single cable gland to the market in the form of the UNI Split Gland. This product allows preassembled cable to be fed through a hole or the replacement of old or defective cable glands, without having to interfere with the existing cable installation or switch off the affected machine.


  • Split cable gland body, pressure screw and counter nut in size M20, M25 and M32 for over 100 different sealing inserts
  • For cable cross sections of 2.0 mm to 20.5 mm
  • Ingress protection rating IP 67
  • Superior strain relief values to EN 62444 class A
  • Ambient temperatures of -20 °C to +80 °C

The UNI Split Gland is made of high-grade polycarbonate. The split or slit sealing inserts – in the multiple variant they also allow several cables to be fed through the cable gland – clearly demonstrate the advantages of these split cable glands. With preassembled cables, the complete hole diameter can be used, for example to feed plugs or sensors through.The ability to split the UNI Split Gland – pressure screw, cable gland body and counter nut – makes it possible to replace old or defective cable glands without problem, even while the plant remains running. The existing cable installation does not have to be disconnected or interrupted.

Product Name UNI Split Gland
Name of Chapter Pflitsch Cable Glands
Name of Sub Chapter Split Systems

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