UNI Flange

Splittable plastic and metal versions seal preassembled cables

The splittable flange variants UNI Flange in plastic and UNI Flange HD (Heavy Duty) in metal have been well-designed by PFLITSCH as product solutions for use in harsh industrial environments to provide reliable cable entries for preassembled cables.

A two-part frame manufactured from high-quality grey or black PA plastic or die-cast zinc can be inserted into standard 112 mm x 36 mm sheet metal cut-outs for 24-pin rectangular heavy-duty plug-in connectors and provides the cable entries with a reliable seal.

Your advantages:

  • Three integrated cable glands for over 100 different sealing inserts

  • Cable cross sections from 2.0 mm to 20.5 mm

  • Ingress protection rating IP 66

  • Superior strain relief values to EN 62444 class A

  • Ambient temperatures of -20 °C to + 80 °C

The frames, in plastic or in die-cast zinc, come predrilled with clearance holes to allow secure threaded connections. The PA variant is also available with threaded inserts to achieve full contact protection in accordance with protection class 2 (DIN EN 61140, VDE 0140-1).

Fewer components – simple installation

The two frame halves are placed around the cable being fed through the hole in the housing, hooked into one another and fastened in place. The cable can then be placed into the slit sealing insert, if necessary with the help of the practical PFLITSCH spreading pliers, and pushed into the double nipple of the frame plate. Then the pressure screw halves are placed around the cable, engaged with one another and tightened.

Product Name UNI Flange
Name of Chapter Pflitsch Cable Glands
Name of Sub Chapter Split Systems

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